Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dwight Howard Checks Twitter Follower Over Baby Mama Drama

Lakers baller Dwight Howard felt the need to put a Twitter follower in check after she posted a photo of a poster she made for the Lakers/Trailblazers game, which read "Dwight, I'll be your 6th baby mama."  Dwight was offended by the photo and hit the woman back, saying "I don't have 5 baby mamas. And u makin yo self look bad. Not lady like." 
The woman apologized and insisted that she was a big fan of Dwight's, adding that she was just trying to make light of stories she had read in the gossip pages about Dwight's personal life. Judging from his tweets, Dwight didn't get the punch line.  
Hit the above slide to read the tweets: Written By: Jessica T