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Chris Tucker Denies Doing "Last Friday" (Tom Joyner Show)

Katt Williams Has Intense Meltdown Onstage, Tries To Fight Fans

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Comedy: Dj Whoo Kid & Loaded Lux On Howard Stern! (Dissing His Japanese Wife Hard, Smashing 8,000 Chicks, Groupie Stories, Judging Terrible Battle & More)

Cassidy Interview On The Breakfast Club: Issues With Meek Mill, Relationship With Swizz Beatz, Spits A Freestyle & More!

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Xzibit Talks About Falling Out w/ Eminem & More

Watch What You Drink: 5 Hour Energy Linked to Multiple Deaths

Andre 3000 Talks About Owning T.I. on His Own Song

Andre 3000 Best Verses pt. 1 


Andre 3000 Not Sure What His Future In Music Will Entail

Despite Big Boi staying active in the rap game, Andre 3000 has expressed a uncertainty whenever asked about his future in music. His contributions these days are limited to features primarily, and even those seem to come few and far between. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Three Stacks attempts to explain his complicated feelings about making music.
"Things are kind of up in the air with me, and some days, I feel like yeah, I'll do it. Some days, I feel like, I don't. I don't know the future of music right now. I have no idea what I do. I honestly don't," said Dre. "I record and I write ideas. I think I'll always do that, for some reason. But I don't know if it will go to another artist or will it be my stuff or will it go to some movie? I don't know. I just kind of keep creating and hopefully, it'll fall into a slot."
He also spoke on his isolation from the world of the internet. "What's crazy is, I don't read the internet. I've never had a Facebook. None of that kind of stuff, because it makes me mad to read it sometimes. I just don't. I don't hear all the rumors."
Fans of Andre can at least be excited for his new feature on T.I.'s "Trouble Man" album. 
Written By: Pierce Watson 

Mayan Explanation Of What Will Go Down On December 21, 2012!


Another Project X? 21 & Over (From The Writers Of The Hangover) [Movie Trailer]


They Violated Him: Guy Caught Lying About Having Sex With A Chick In The Projects! [Skit]

Behind The Scenes: Dj Khaled (Feat. Future, T.I., Ace Hood & Lil Wayne) - Models & Bottles

Shyne Freesyle Dissing The Game (Response To "Cough Up A Lung")

Get More:
Music News

Future "Pluto 3D Vlog" Episode 1 (Birdman Co-Signs Future + "What's Wrong" Performance)


Rewind Stand Up Comedy Clip Of The Week: Kevin Hart When He Was 19-Years-Old! (Starting Out)

                            Kevin Hart's stand up at the Laff House in Philadelphia.

Hopsin, Dizzy Wright & Jarren Benton Freestyle On Tim Westwood TV! (Over Classic Beat)

Seattle Police Will No Longer Arrest Anyone For Marijuana Starting Tonight

Young Noble (Outlawz) (Featuring Aktual) - Control My Destiny [Unsigned Artist]


"A SMASH!!!Off Young Noble Brand New Solo Album "Son of God" available now on
Directed by @JaeSynth
Follow @YOUNG_NOBLE1 & @Aktual4ever @OptionsEnt"

Grand Theft Auto V [Video Game Trailer #2]


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2 Chainz - Enunciation [Affion Crockett Spoof]

MakeitRain.Tv: Episode 2 "Tinseltown" with DJ Quik

A Haunted House Official Trailer 


Buffie the Body Whips Your Booty Into Shape

The famed glamor model runs through the best moves to get your booty into tip-top shape, and the best part is that these moves aren't as taxing on your body as a traditional squat.

Natina Reed of Blaque Killed In An Atlanta Hit And Run

OKC Thunder Trade James Harden to Houston Rockets

The extremely young and immensely talented Oklahoma City Thunder are only months removed from an NBA Finals appearance in which they lost to the Miami Heat. Many NBA experts feel that they can make it back to the Finals, but on their quest for another appearance to the "Promised land", they'll have to do it without budding superstar and reigning Sixth Man of the Year James Harden who was dealt to the Houston Rockets in a blockbuster trade that went down on Saturday night.
Harden and the higher-ups within the Oklahoma City Thunder organization could not agree to terms on a new contract extension, so Harden was sent to Houston, where the team is willing to give James a max contract. But the Thunder also received great acquisitions as well - scoring machine Kevin Martin and UConn star Jeremy Lamb in addition to future NBA Draft picks.
What do you think of the trade and which team do you think benefits the most?
Written By: Shaun Russell 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jay-Z and President Barack Obama: 5 Things They Have in Common

We’ve got a little bond,” President Barack Obama said of longtime pal and supporter Jay-Z, who hosted a $40,000-a-head fundraiser for the POTUS with wife BeyoncĂ© at the rapper’s 40/40 Club in New York City last week.
Just how similar is Jay to the Prez? “We both have daughters, and our wives are more popular than we are,” explained Obama to an exclusive crowd of 100 guests. “It’s hard but it’s OK.”
But their likeness runs far deeper than family.
Celebuzz is breaking down what makes Jay-Z and Obama are almost like two peas in a pod.

1. Both are leaders of their game.

Obama is, of course, the leader of the free world. And hip-hop mogul Jay-Z runs the rap game.
2. Both were raised in fatherless homes.
Jay-Z has never been shy about sharing details about his troubled childhood, including how his father abandoned his family. When Obama was just a boy, his father called it quits on his household, too, eventually moving back to Africa
3. Both dabbled in drugs.
Through his musical prowess, Jay-Z has spun his on-the-streets experience with drugs into record-selling lyrics. In his memoir, Dreams From My Father, the Commander-in-Chief candidly discusses smoking weed and “using a little blow.”
4. Both appreciate the oldies.
No American can forget that truly cherishable moment when our president sang Al Green during a speech. And though Jay-Z is known for rap, the artist has admitted that his mother’s classic records inspired his chart-topping album, The Blueprint.
5. Both are sports fanatics.
Not only does he shoot hoops and compete on the golf course, the Commander-in-Chief is a die-hard Chicago sports fan. Jay is often court-side cheering on the Nets, the newly minted Brooklyn NBA squad of which he is part owner.

DMX Has Tough Time Using Google for First Time

Rap veteran DMX was a guest at Power 105 radio station most recently and they persuaded him to try and use Google, which 'X says he had never used before. He became agitated while trying to figure out how to work the search engine, saying "It's too much stuff. It's too much stuff," in the video. Check out the footage and let us know what you think.Written By: Shaun Russell


(BlackMediaScoop) An Emirati man is suing his Russian ex-wife for stealing his frozen sperm to get pregnant without telling him. The man from Abu Dhabi said that shortly before their divorce, his Russian wife was secretly inseminated with his sperm at a clinic where they had earlier sought fertility treatment.
The couple split less than three weeks later. “I am angry it was done without my knowledge. I want justice. This is not acceptable,” he said.

The couple, who have not been named, were desperate for a baby during their four-year marriage and twice sought fertility treatment at a clinic in the UAE without success. As the marriage was falling apart, the wife went to Russia where she underwent further fertility treatment without telling him. The man told Abu Dhabi Appeals Court that when his wife returned to the UAE, she went back to the original clinic and forged his signature on forms consenting to the use of his sperm in storage. He only discovered he had become a father 4 months after the divorce when she told his friend about it. Welllll damn!!!

Chops The Pig Prank Calls Joell Ortiz

Studio Session: Nipsey Hussle, Master P & Jeremih In The Lab

Stephon Marbury's Wife Joins "Basketball Wives"

It looks like the ex-NBA star, and current star baller in China, Stephon Marbury's gorgeous wife, Tasha Marbury, will be joining the upcoming season of "Basketball Wives".  Apparently she was asked to do the show for season 1, however Stephon wasn't cool with that idea, but now he's changed his mind.  Look out for Tasha Marbury in the upcoming  season.
Written By: Mike Hughes 

Chris Brown Fails Drug Test, Judge Orders Probation Review

Is Beyonce Pregnant Again? Rumors Of 2nd Baby Bump

It's not officially confirmed just yet, however rumors have been flying around that 31-year-old Beyonce, is pregnant with her and Jay-Z's second child.  According to HollywoodLife, Beyonce showed up to the La Marina restaurant on September 23rd in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York, and it appeared as though she had a baby bump showing.
A source told the website that she and Jay-Z are expecting a second child, so when she was seen at La Marina wearing a tight leopard-print dress with what appeared to be a small baby bump, nobody was willing to dismiss her belly as if she had just ate a big meal.
We'll keep you updated on any further news regarding a younger brother or sister for Baby Blue. 
Written By: Mike Hughes 

Chad Ochocinco Johnson's 1st Interview About His Wife Beating Incident! "You Never Know What You Have Until It's Gone

Lil Wayne Not Giving AF At His Deposition! "He's Can't Save You" (Suing Quincy Jones III Over Documentary)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Juvenile Arrested for Club Brawl In Miami

Juvenile linked up with Lil Wayne at the LIV nightclub last night, August 19th, in Miami, but the night didn't end on a good note as planned.  Juvenile allegedly became involved in a fist-flying brawl that erupted inside of the club, although police aren't sure how the brawl began.
According to the Miami Beach Police Offense Incident Case Report Summary, "Juvenile was involved in the fight, however it was unknown exactly what were defendants [sic] actions during the fight.  He was with a group of individuals along with co-defendants that he saw in the middle of the fight as it occurred inside the club.  It then spilled outside to the front of the hotel, where roughly 100 people were yelling and screaming and some were pushing."
It was later reported that Juvenile tried to exit the wild scene in his vehicle; however, he became involved in an altercation with an "unknown subject" on the way to his car.
Juvenile was later released from jail and blamed the entire incident on the lack of security at the club.  "Man that club LIV on the beach has a security problem and I got caught up in it.  That's all."
It's unclear whether or not Juvenile will have to return to court to settle the matter.
Written By: Mike Hughes 

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Juicy J "The Smokers Club Tour Vlog" Part 4


Man Goes Nuts In Detroit Pawn Shop!

Lol: Ghost Tits [Horror Spoof Movie Trailer]

50 Cent Shares His Thoughts on Snoop Dogg's New "Lion" Persona

Q-Tip Discusses Being Signed to G.O.O.D. Music

Back in early April, Kanye West signed Hip Hop veteran Q-Tip to his G.O.O.D. Music label but since then, not much has been heard from the long time emcee. As the label is steadily prepping for the release of their "Cruel Summer" compilation album, it leaves many to wonder what role Q-Tip has played in the making of it. In a recent interview with Complex, Q-Tip discusses "Cruel Summer", his deal with the label, and working with the label's younger artists.
He starts off by discussing what he has brought to the table for the label's compilation LP.
"I've done beats. I've done rhymes. We'll see. I didn't mix. I'm just contributing. I was in New York with Pusha, Kanye and DJ Khaled. Fat Joe was there. One time Cudi was there. It varied. It was cool. Everybody was working. Again, the music is a unifying thing. As long as you keep it centered around music, it's all good."
Q-Tip then explained some of the details on how he ultimately agreed to sign with Kanye's label.
"It's a long journey, but I've basically been signed to Universal in some way shape or form or incarnation for about 10 years. So I've just kind of been through the system. I still had an obligation to fill and they didn't necessarily want to discard me for whatever reasons so I kind of had my pick of the litter. Dreamworks, Interscope, Motown, and then Def Jam.
I met Kanye years ago at a show. I was working with Kanye during Watch The Throne. I was playing him beats that I was doing and he was like, "Yo, what label are you on?" And I was like, "Def Jam." And he was like, "Damn you need to be on G.O.O.D." And we were rocking, and I was like, let's do it. It's that simple."
He also stated that despite his longevity in the industry, he can still learn from newer artists such as Big Sean and Kid Cudi.
"Absolutely. That's the thing, never stop learning. I like to learn, I'm just a sucker for new information. Learning, working, trying to innovate, and striving. Still being me. My job isn't to be here and be talking about how I'm buying out the bar and tricking my bitches. That's never been my thing and it's not going to start. I don't kid myself.
But I am a student and I have managed to continue to learn. So I definitely learn from Cudi, Sean, and Pusha. Just listening, sitting back, and studying sometimes. You have to be quiet to gain."
Written By: Shaun Russell 

Team USA Victory Party Goes Down Live at Club Bud In London

Written By: Mike Hughes  

Movie Based On N.W.A. Begins Production

The movie depicting legendary gangsta rap group N.W.A. is officially underway. It will be directed by F. Gary Gray, who is responsible for such gems as "Friday" and the "Italian Job".
Back in June, Gray held a casting call for the movie in order to choose the best actors for the role, in both appearance and skill. It seems now he has made his decision on a lineup. Dr. Dre posted a picture of him and Gray on Twitter yesterday, so it looks like this is all legitimately happening.
Written By: Pierce Watson 

Chris Rock Talks In-Studio Experience with Kanye West on #SwayInTheMorning

Exclusive: Shanell: It's Frustrating Seeing YMCMB Artist Drop Before Me


Vanessa Bryant Wants a Husband Who Wins Championships

Kobe Bryant better be winning a championship next year if he wants to reconcile with his estranged wife Vanessa, because she revealed that she doesn't want to marry a man who doesn't win rings.
In a yet to be released interview with New York Magazine, Vanessa was quoted saying, “I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can’t win championships." She justified her statement by adding, “If you’re sacrificing time away from my family and myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year.”
Assuming these quotes are accurate, do you think Vanessa's being realistic?
Written By: Jessica T

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eminem Thanks Fans For Helping Him Get Sober

Eminem performed before hundreds of fans at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on Thursday night, August 9th.  Right before he performed his Grammy Award winning song "Not Afraid:," Em stopped the music and took a moment to thank his many fans for helping him become sober.  He feels as though his fans served as a great source of motivation to get his life back on track and continue to flourish through his music career.
"I wouldn't have gotten out of that dark place without y'all," Em stated.  "This song is dedicated to anybody tonight who's been through personal struggles."
Written By: Mike Hughes

Will Dwight Howard Miss The Start Of Next Season?

When Dwight Howard announced he would be joining the Lakers next season, Lakers Nation already had visions of an NBA Championship in 2013. A starting line-up that will include Kobe, Nash, Gasol and Howard seems like a recipe for victory, but there is one question. When will Howard be able to return from his season-ending back injury he suffered last year? And when he does come back, will he be 100% healthy? Multiple sources told ESPN that Howard will in fact miss the start of next season.
"My health is great," Howard said. "I'm getting a lot better and a lot stronger every day. I'm looking forward to the doctor saying you are free to play. I can't wait for that day."
In addition to his health, everyone is wondering whether or not Howard will opt to stay in Los Angeles the following season.
"Right now, it's about today and I'm here with the Lakers and that's the only thing that matters," explained Howard when asked if he would sing a long term deal at the end of next season. "Whatever happens a year from now we'll wait until that time. Right now, it's all about the Lakers and me starting fresh. I'm happy to be here and that's the only thing that matters now." 
Written By: Pierce Watson

Michael Blackson Goes Off at USA Basketball Team for Beating Nigeria

Miami Dolphins Release Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson After Arrest

Shortly after he was arrested for a domestic battery allegation, Chad Johnson was released by the Miami Dolphins who recently signed him to a 1-year contract during the off-season. He allegedly assaulted his wife, Evelyn Lozada, and was taken into custody. After hearing about the arrest, Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin made the decision to cut Johnson from the team.
According to CBS Sports, the Miami Dolphins organization did not believe Johnson's story when he stated that the headbutt to his wife was accidental. "His story wasn't believable to almost anyone in the organization", a source said.
Based on further reports from a source, it was stated that Chad Johnson was warned about his typical flamboyant and outlandish behavior by the team. He was told to not cause any distractions, and that if he did there would be consequences.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tyga Gets Tyson-Like Face Tat?

"Rack City" rapper Tyga stirred up Twitter yesterday with a picture of his most recent face tattoo. The ink looks quite like the infamous Mike Tyson face tattoo, sparking debate about whether or not the tat is even authentic.
Tyga was apparently seen around Universal Studios earlier in the day, and the tattoo wasn't present on his dome. Check out the photo above and decide for yourself whether or not it's real.
Written By: Pierce Watson 

Yung Berg's Manager Found Dead from Apparent Gunshot Wound

Yung Berg's manager, Christopher "Cam" Martin, who was also a record executive, was shot and killed in Charleston, South Carolina, according to Live 5 News. Reports say that the Martin's body was found outside of an abandoned home in the New Hope Community in Berkeley County Saturday morning.
Based on further reports, the coroner's office says the incident is being investigated as a homicide.
We'll keep you updated as more details come to light.

Exclusive: Paul Wall: I'm Giving Every US Gold Medalist a Free Grill!

Dr. Dre Signs Deal With FX For New TV Crime Drama Series

Dr. Dre, the rapper/producer who has gone on to become a very successful business man as well, has just stepped foot into another business venture with a recent deal he inked with the FX network for a new crime drama series.  According to THR, "[FX] has inked a script development deal with writer Sidney Quashi and music mogul Dr. Dre for a drama pilot. The one-hour project, set in present-day Los Angeles, explores both the music business and crime business."
Dr. Dre. will have credit as one of the executive producers, and also creator of the show along with Quashie.  More details will surely surface in due time.

Rapper Flesh-N-Bone's Daughter Found Safe & Sound

Late last month, it was reported that the 15-year-old daughter of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony member Flesh-N-Bone went missing. Monica Howse's family filed a missing persons report after she failed to return home from work one day. But new reports state that her family has finally found her after two weeks, according to TMZ.
"I am very grateful that she is back home and okay. It's been a long and emotional day of speaking to her and trying to figure out what happened".
It was believed early on that Monica Howse had run away with an older male, a friend by the name of Alberto Silva Sanchez. The family and police are still looking into the matter.
Source: Written By: Shaun Russell

Snoop Dogg GGN News Season 4 EP 5 (Snoop Has Paris Hilton Drinking Her First 40oz)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jessenia Vice Reviews "The Dark Knight Rises"

The lovely Ms. Vice reviews the third installment of the Batman franchise, "The Dark Knight Rises," which stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy and Morgan Freeman. The film takes place eight years beyond the last film, where the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect Gotham, a city that branded him an enemy.Written By: Sunny

The Public Responds to Frank Ocean Coming Out

Rap Legends Talk About Homosexuality in Hip-Hop

Colorado Theater Shooter Makes First Court Appearance

 James Holmes, the man who committed the heinous act of shooting 70 people in a Colorado movie theater, made his first appearance in court Monday morning. Dressed in burgundy jailhouse overalls and still donning a red-dyed hairstyle, the 24-year-old grad school dropout seemed exhausted, as it's been reported that he seemed to be having a very hard time staying awake. A judge made Holmes aware of his constitutional rights and gave prosecutors another week to file formal charges against him in the killing of 12 people and injuring of 58 others. Officials say more people could have been killed or injured, but Holmes' rifle jammed while inside the theater. His AR-15 rifle was capable of letting off 50-60 rounds in 60 seconds.
Araphoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers says that she'll be seeking the death penalty in this case due to the high number of deaths and overall victims. She simply stated "The death penalty will be considered in this case." Chambers also noted that it was too early to determines if Holmes' defense team will attempt to use an insanity plea.
According to the Daily News, guards within the courtroom said the defendant has not "shown any remorse" since his arrest and arrival in court. The motives for his actions remain unknown.
Written By: Shaun Russell 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jeremy Lin: Honored to be Playing for Houston Rockets

Written By: Shaun Russell

Friday, July 13, 2012

Blake Griffin Will Miss Olympics With Knee Injury

Written By: Shaun Russell

Nicki Minaj "Starships" Single Breaks Billboard Charts Record

Written By: Mike Hughes  
The Black Eyed Peas recently held the record for the longest consecutive weeks of having a song on the US Top Ten Billboard Charts with their "I Gotta Feeling" single.  Well, despite being hated on by many for her decision to start recording more "pop" style songs, Nicki Minaj's "Starships" has broken the Black Eyed Peas record with 21 consecutive weeks of being on the US Top Ten.
Congrats Nicki.

Queen Latifah Working to Adopt A Child

Written By: Pierce Watson
While on the talkshow "The View", Queen Latifah was asked by Barbara Walters whether or not she had ever considered adoption. Latifah answered, "I'm actually kind of working on that..."
There have always been questions about Queen Latifah's sexuality and the possibility that she could be a lesbian, although that shouldn't have any bearing on whether or not she adopts a child.

It's Over: Jennifer Lopez Leaves American Idol

Written By: Jessica T
After jumping around the ever-present question of whether she would be returning to "American Idol" Jennifer Lopez announced that she would not be fulfilling her role as a judge on the upcoming season.
During an interview with "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer revealed "I honestly feel like the time has come that I have to get back to doing the other things that I do."
She added, "Something has to give" ...We had an amazing run."
The news of J.Lo's departure comes just one day after fellow host Steven Tyler announced that he also would be bowing out of his role on the show. Strong buzz is also surrounding original judge Randy Jackson staying on the show.
Looks like Ryan might be the last man standing on the upcoming season of "American Idol.

Chris Brown Gets His Hands Dirty Performing Community Service

 Written By: Shaun Russell
It was recently announced that Chris Brown would have to make a court appearance in regards to his community service. A judge is concerned about the amount of hours he has been performing, as a possible discrepancy was brought to light by one of the prosecutors.
Brown's community service duties include graffiti removal and cleaning up roadsides. A few photos of the talented singer have emerged recently and here we get a look at the musician putting in his community service work.
Chris, along with updated ecords of his community service, have been ordered to make a court appearance on August 21st.


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Snoop Dogg - GGN News Season 4 Episode 1 (Inside The Smoker's Studio With Wiz Khalifa)

Young Buck's Jewelry & Music Equipment Being Auctioned By IRS

The IRS will be holding an open auction for many of Young Buck's jewelry and recording equipment on July 25th.  The auction sale will take place in Nashville, but the items being sold can also be found online as well.  In December Buck, legally known as David Darnell Brown, was hit with a hefty claim from various creditors that he owed $11.5 million which includes $10 million that the G-Unit record label claimed Buck owed them over a contract issue.
Now he'll be paying the price by having many of his valued items put up for sale, including his "Young Buck" trademark name.

Beanie Sigel Facing Up To 3 Years In Prison For Failure To File Taxes