Friday, June 8, 2012

Ying Yang Twins Rapper Arrested for DUI

According to reports one half of the Ying Yang Twins rap group, rapper Deongelo Marquel "Deroc" Holmes, was pulled over by Atlanta law enforcement on suspicion of a DUI. But the shocking part about it is he had kids in the car along with him. The incident took place on Friday, June 1st with new developments surfacing in just the previous days.
According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "An officer 'saw it weave, basically. He crossed the center line several times,' Gwinnett police spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith told Channel 2. When police spoke to Holmes, Smith said, the officer 'smelled alcohol. He smelled marijuana when the driver rolled down the window.' Police said they found in the vehicle marijuana, Xanex and a 3-year-old toddler and 2-month-old baby in car seats in the rear."
The Ying Yan Twins rapper was then given a sobriety test, charged and arrested, after the arresting officer describes his walk as "slow and unsteady", his eyes "bloodshot and glazed" and his speech "slurred and slow."
Written By: Shaun Russell 


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