Monday, July 23, 2012

Colorado Theater Shooter Makes First Court Appearance

 James Holmes, the man who committed the heinous act of shooting 70 people in a Colorado movie theater, made his first appearance in court Monday morning. Dressed in burgundy jailhouse overalls and still donning a red-dyed hairstyle, the 24-year-old grad school dropout seemed exhausted, as it's been reported that he seemed to be having a very hard time staying awake. A judge made Holmes aware of his constitutional rights and gave prosecutors another week to file formal charges against him in the killing of 12 people and injuring of 58 others. Officials say more people could have been killed or injured, but Holmes' rifle jammed while inside the theater. His AR-15 rifle was capable of letting off 50-60 rounds in 60 seconds.
Araphoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers says that she'll be seeking the death penalty in this case due to the high number of deaths and overall victims. She simply stated "The death penalty will be considered in this case." Chambers also noted that it was too early to determines if Holmes' defense team will attempt to use an insanity plea.
According to the Daily News, guards within the courtroom said the defendant has not "shown any remorse" since his arrest and arrival in court. The motives for his actions remain unknown.
Written By: Shaun Russell 

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